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Do I Need Concrete Lifting For My Garage?

How To Tell If I Need Concrete Lifting For My Garage

If your garage floor looks nothing like it used to, you know it’s time to take steps to . You can’t keep driving and walking on a sinking concrete slab, and you definitely can’t sell your home this way. Any interested buyer would have serious reservations about the condition of a garage floor with sunken concrete. 

While no garage floor is perfect, All Time Concrete Lifting services, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, will restore your garage so it looks and functions like it should.

Here are three telltale signs you need concrete lifting for your garage:

1. The Floor Has Settled Lower Than the Driveway

Is the garage floor gradually settling? Whether it’s due to inadequate soil compaction or erosion, the ground that supports your garage beneath the slab is prone to settling after construction. 

While minor settling may not be a major issue, once the floor drops beneath the level of the driveway, major problems are likely to occur and water may drain back into the garage. This can ruin tools, create puddles and overall, create a very difficult situation for you as a homeowner. 

2. One Corner Is Beginning to Sink

Your garage concrete was probably built with control joints. These seams keep cracks from spreading every which way across a slab.

However, if a slab doesn’t have these joints, or one corner or section cracks anyway, you might start to see this portion of the slab begin to shift.

This is cause for concern because it could threaten the integrity of the structure. This is the type of issue that needs to be addressed very quickly. 

3. It’s Getting Worse

The speed at which concrete sinking worsens may vary depending on the extent of the problem, but no matter what, you have repair options. You don’t have to tear out the entire slab!

Talk to the team at All Time Concrete Lifting about how concrete lifting can help with your unique situation. You’ll save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on lifting your concrete slabs by opting for concrete lifting over a full replacement. 

Plus, with our expertise and knowledge, we can level your concrete walkways, driveways, garages, patios and more in less than a day.

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