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Did you know mud jacking in Calgary is also known as slab jacking? Let Calgary’s leading concrete professionals explain how this technique doesn’t use mud. We raise and level any concrete slabs with our custom cement mix, which helps level your concrete.

The Advantages of Mud Jacking


Mud jacking is available at a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement, and due to the use of natural products (and not polyurethane), you’ll save hundreds, if not thousands.

Eco-Friendly Repair

The cement mixture we use is completely natural, producing no waste or impact on the environment. This makes mud jacking the most environmentally-friendly concrete lifting technique.

Non-Invasive Service

Quick, clean and efficient: our slab jacking process requires a quarter of the work of replacement, making it ideal for all mud jacking in Calgary.

Speedy Solution

Mud jacking takes less than a day to complete (from the drilling to the final assessment). You’ll be using your concrete in no time!

Get fast, high-quality and affordable concrete lifting right now! All it takes is one phone call to Calgary’s best team.


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Ready to Handle Your Mud Jacking in Calgary

As one of the leading concrete lifting companies in Calgary, we know all there is to know about concrete lifting, levelling, and void filling. It’s through this experience (over 15 years!) and knowledge (lifting more than 7,500+ slabs of concrete) that we are able to provide a fast turnaround time, high-quality service and the best results while still being affordable. If you want professional, high-end mud jacking services in Calgary, it’s time to contact our team!


Our Process

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The process of concrete mud jacking, also known as a slab jacking or concrete lifting, involves drilling a few small holes in the concrete slab before pumping a cement mixture through the holes. This mixture fills the voids and gaps underneath the concrete while stabilizing it.

We do not use polyurethane in any of our work. Not only is it environmentally damaging, it also has severe limitations, including a lack of long-term stability, minimal strength and higher costs, just to name a few.

The cost of mud jacking depends on several factors, including the size of the area, how large the voids are, and any complexities that might arise during the work, such as difficulty accessing the concrete. To determine exactly how much your mud jacking will cost, you’ll need to schedule a consultation or book a free estimate with our team.