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Sinking or sunken concrete slabs don’t have to derail your home’s appearance or value. At All Time Concrete Lifting, we offer fast and effective slab jacking, lifting your concrete and restoring it to its original height. Our expertise and knowledge in delivering the best results, coupled with affordable prices, make us the best team for slab jacking in Calgary.

The Advantages of Slab Jacking

Clean & Effective Method

Slab jacking rarely requires extensive work and produces very little mess, especially when compared to extensive concrete replacement.

Prevents Further Concrete Sinking

Using a firm base built by our high-quality cement mixture, we'll stabilize your concrete slabs for years to come and completely prevent further sinking.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of top grade cement mixture, coupled with the minimized workload, makes slab jacking the most effective eco-friendly option.

High Strength Capacity

Our cement mixture is a tough, natural material that has long-term durability, protection against extreme weather and high-strength capacity to stabilize your slabs.

Get fast, high-quality and affordable concrete lifting right now! All it takes is one phone call to Calgary’s best team.


What to Expect from Our Concrete Lifting Company

Honest &
Our happy customers agree that our honest communication and transparency with pricing and service are why our team is second to none.
The Best
We guarantee the highest-quality results - meaning smooth, balanced and clean concrete lifting that lasts for years with minimal maintenance or extra costs.
Fast Response &
Turnaround Time
Our team works fast and effectively to lift and level your concrete. We’ll save the date, arrive on location and finish the job on time.
Our team has 15+ years of experience. We use our in-house crew only and never hire subcontractors, thereby guaranteeing our excellent and exceptional service.

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Expect a Fast Service With Our Slab Jacking in Calgary

We’ve established ourselves as the leading concrete lifting company in Calgary thanks to our honest and transparent customer service, fast response and turnaround time, and high-end results. The best part is that we’re affordable for everyone with free estimates for all. If you require urgent must-have slab jacking in Calgary, our team is ready to help you.


Our Process

Get Your Free Estimate
We provide free estimates for all our concrete lifting work. Just contact us directly, explain your problem and we’ll quote you!
Project Execution
We’ll set a time for the project with a guarantee to be on time, focusing on completing your project perfectly.
Enjoy Perfect Concrete
You don’t pay us until the job is done. We’ll show our work and you won't have to worry about your concrete for years!

There are many reasons why your concrete slabs can shift, including water intrusion, poor compaction during installation, soil shrinkage, soil washout and roots growing beneath them. We can determine the cause of your shifting concrete slabs with a free estimate.

The cost of slab jacking varies based on the size and amount of the concrete that needs to be lifted, the location, and how complex the job is. If you would like to know how much our slab jacking service will cost you, we provide free estimates to all customers.

Concrete slab jacking can only be done by a professional. It requires specialised tools, measurements and expertise to raise concrete slabs. Homeowners who attempt to do it themselves end up injuring themselves or damaging their concrete.